why Ever Since?

I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of my work lately and it took me back to where it all began. 'To instil emotion' has always been the starting point of all of my design pursuits and revisiting the roots got me thinking about how I'd want you to feel in the clothes we make. I went to my journal to look for answers.

Over the last four years, Ever Since became the title to a series of short, poetic verses scribbled impulsively in my journal, all an attempt to preserve the everlasting fires sparked in those fleeting moments. It's become an envelop for many memories, a treasure trunk for multiple journeys.  Everything kind of fell into place in my head
while flipping through these (emo) scribbles. 

Through Ever Since, I hope to leave room for your own interpretation of my design stories. I hope to remind you of the everlasting fires of your life. 

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