Blushing Meadows
Blushing Meadows
Blushing Meadows

Blushing Meadows

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- Hand embroidered tulle with our signature meadow embroidery as the top layer

Layer of meltblown fabric in the middle with soft cotton fabric on the inside

- Embedded nose grip

- Constructed following precise instructions by Dr. Asha Bhatnagar of LifeLine Laboratory.

- 25% of the proceeds from this sale will go to Project Aspire Foundation's efforts towards creating better learning spaces at home during this time when most schooling is being done at home. To learn more;

- Delivers within 7 business days


-  Please note that these are not medical masks, they are washable and the role of these face masks is for patient source control, to prevent contamination of the surrounding area when a person coughs or sneezes.