Who we are

Beautifully Quiet

An ongoing journey of self-exploration, the brand is a coming together of

signature elements from our worlds to evoke a feeling of surreal unanimity.

As inspired by what is real as they are by the completely unknown, our design stories are a coexistence of deeply felt emotions with the imaginary worlds we dream of.

We offer season-less, mindfully designed and produced clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

Bhaavya's love for the arts dawned at a young age of four when she began her journey as a dancer. Trained in Bharatnatyam, contemporary and modern dance styles, she developed a fondness for the art of self-expression through emotion and movement.

Equipped with an honors degree in Economics, she successfully applied to The Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) to study apparel design.
Always in search of inspiration, for both, her creative and personal pursuits, Bhaavya found herself immersed in exploring cultural and artistic diversity around the world. It was the emotion instigated by her source of inspiration that started becoming the soul of her craft, and her designs silently resonate her deep-rooted passion for self-expression.

Besides design, Bhaavya has a keen interest in philosophy and sculpture. The brand is an attempt to materialize her daily musings into capsule collections that are real and honest. The intricate process of putting thoughts into words and eventually into visually alive stories, keeps her inspired on the daily.


Upon graduating in finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, I spent a year traveling to various sites mostly in northern India where a lot of specialized handcraft has been inexistence for many generations. I wanted to understand our family business of exporting handicrafts. Seeing the highly impeccable yet rudimentary techniques which these craftsmen were using, I was inspired to get into more design oriented/less mass-market products that would help engage their skills further. For some reason, I was always drawn toward how luxury brands would package their products. Even though I had absolutely no formal training whatsoever, few things like clean corners, straight lines, and overall alignment formed the basis of how I approached this and trained the craftsmen accordingly. I think this innate eye for detail led me to design jewelry since in usually small spaces you need to get the precision right. Having worked closely with craftsmen for my packaging business helped me communicate better with jewelry craftsmen as there is a certain vernacular you have to be well versed with to make sure they understand you correctly. The lines are very thin and things can easily slip through the cracks-It’s one of the biggest challenges of manufacturing in India. But I relish the challenge, it makes me feel muchmore connected to the person executing my ideas/thoughts.I think jewelry plays such a vital role in self expression. And for me, it is something I like to achieve by mixing different materials from different regions. It creates this interdependency where everyone has to respect the work of the other person since only then can the piece come together in the best intended way. I like the fact that the pieces have this storyline from the get-go.