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from my heart

from my heart

Every day since, dreaming up and building collections, as exciting as they were, I found myself slowly drifting away from that one feeling that had inspired me to initiate this journey. This gradual movement away from the roots had been creating a void that I have come to recognize recently.



A cloud of melancholy set afloat above a life of routine. The same words, sounds, colors seemed to make up the daily, igniting fear in a heart that craved movement. A search for brand new endings shadowed a constant series of familiar beginnings. To and fro, the mind swayed between the uncertainty of satisfaction and the certain stillness.


Does stillness mean abatement? Could the cloud of melancholy instead be a stroke of luck? A blessing of time? A measure of evolvement? A chance to take a moment?


inspiration | C O E X I S T

inspiration | C O E X I S T

It transpired with a mere passing thought; by the sea, watching the sun set over the unending horizon, all the senses silently applauding it's magnificence. It gave closure. The day's hustle and bustle, joys and sorrows were dancing the finale in harmony as the last ray of sunlight disappeared into the sea. The curtains were drawn. 


This moment evoked an urge for balance. 


The thought reappeared 36,000ft above sea level as the sun had set over the microscopic world, the mind and heart appalled by the insignificance of our lives. It was a commencement. The sun's afterglow romanced the sky as the world...

creative process | B E

creative process | B E

Our collection "be" was inspired by the precious moments of oneness felt amidst the surreal landscapes of nature. 

Here is a pictorial documentation of how the inspiration was translated into our campaign;


^ picture taken by Bhaavya in Saas Grund, Switzerland in September, 2014.


c r e a t i v e    b r i e f : 


graphic design

^ prototype created by photographer Kunaal Bose & artist Vasundhara Anand.

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