why Ever Since?

why Ever Since?

I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of my work lately and it took me back to where it all began. 'To instil emotion' has always been the starting point of all of my design pursuits and revisiting the roots got me thinking about how I'd want you to feel in the clothes we make. I went to my journal to look for answers.

Over the last four years, Ever Since became the title to a series of short, poetic verses scribbled impulsively in my journal, all an attempt to preserve the everlasting fires sparked in those fleeting moments. It's become an envelop for many memories, a...

: : imaginary friends : :

{ petal head }



{ the whole gang }



{ coral whale }



{ dancing tail in heavy seas }


{ petals & fins bowl under a full moon }



(Ladakh, June 2019)

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what is real?

what is real?

Blurred reality.

A parallel world.

A dreamscape that seeps into the present, 


A place of belonging.

Yet, nowhere.

Are we crossing over now?

To the other side.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




ever since

ever since

When I'm asked how I started sculpting, my mind never seems to recall a specific time or trigger. However, it most definitely has stored a feeling; a coming-together of energies. A feeling of union. 

Sculpting felt like a physical extension of a raw, organic flow of emotion. Although initiated with an intent to be a possible creative relief, it's natural and effortless translation into design stories paved the way for the label's first jewelry edit; ever since.