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inspiration | C O E X I S T

inspiration | C O E X I S T

It transpired with a mere passing thought; by the sea, watching the sun set over the unending horizon, all the senses silently applauding it's magnificence. It gave closure. The day's hustle and bustle, joys and sorrows were dancing the finale in harmony as the last ray of sunlight disappeared into the sea. The curtains were drawn. 


This moment evoked an urge for balance. 


The thought reappeared 36,000ft above sea level as the sun had set over the microscopic world, the mind and heart appalled by the insignificance of our lives. It was a commencement. The sun's afterglow romanced the sky as the world disappeared into the night. The curtains were raised. 

This moment evoked recognition of coexistence.



1 comment on inspiration | C O E X I S T
  • Carreen Pakrasi
    Carreen Pakrasi


    YOU are a cooling and calming presence always. Even your words reaffirm that idea of you. I love this!

    March 27, 2017
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